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Michael Nessa Founder of Mirror Calendars

Michael Nessa
Founder of Mirror Calendars

I have worked in the social services field since 2000. Prior to that, each Christmas I would make a calendar of family photos for my Grandma. She just adored them with all of her heart. She would spend hours flipping through the pages and touching the photos with her fingers, just in amazement of what she was holding in her hands.

Grandma at Christmas enjoying her new calendar

Grandma at Christmas enjoying her new calendar

In 2005, I opened a social services agency that works with developmentally disabled adults that live in the community. It quickly turned into a tradition that each year for Christmas I would provide them with a wall calendar that featured each client of the agency.

Until recently, it had been a handful of years since I had made a calendar for anyone. Then, this past spring, I saw a picture on my Facebook news feed about a company called Downs Designs. You know that first instinct you sometimes get about a person or a company? I knew immediately that they were the real deal — honest, loyal, and running an amazing business. They make clothing designed specifically for people with Down Syndrome. What attracted me to them, and led to the eventual Dazzled by Downs calendar, is that each morning they would post a picture of one of their models. These pictures were extraordinary and made me smile for the rest of the day. I realized how cool it would be to have a 12-month wall calendar that offered the inspiration and love that those pictures on my News Feed provided to me. The rest is history!