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Mirror Calendars: Affiliate Program

  • Updated — now even higher earnings!

In essence, this is a risk-free, no-hassle way to earn money — fast.

The program is open to individuals, charities, not-for-profits, support groups — anyone and everyone that wants / needs a little extra cash (for charity, yourself, or your organization).

You promote the Dazzled by Downs calendar, using a special & unique “promo code.”  For each sale made, you earn $4.00 USD — it’s that simple. You promote this code as often as you wish via the Web, email, social media, and/or share it with friends, family, etc. The more you share your “promo code,” the more you earn.

Customers type in your “promo code” at checkout and receive a 5% discount. The best part is that we handle everything — the shipping, the invoicing, the customer service, etc. 

For each sale made, you earn $4.00 USD. Earnings are unlimited and there are no thresholds / minimum payouts. 

Earnings are paid via PayPal on the 15th of the month, 1 month in arrears (e.g. earnings from September 1st – 30th will be paid on October 15th.)

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